Victor Oladipo played a real role tonight in Game 2 against the Sixers

Victor Oladipo 5 mai 2022

He is a bit like the UFO of this Heat roster, not quite serious enough to be one of the leaders but far too strong to serve only as a fellow crapette to Udonis Haslem. Victor Oladipo is this guy a little out of the collective, who sometimes seems to be more interested in his little career than in any group project, but he is also and above all a guy MIP five years ago and who remains capable of winning Playoff games for his team. Victor Oladipo? Yeah, we call it the UFO.

The slightly more complete recap of this Game 2 is right here

Does the trophy for Best Seventh Man in the Playoffs exist? Because if so, let us tell you, it won’t be Matisse Thybulle, because in the radius of all-around rears capable of weighing off the bench in this series, it was our good Victor Oladipo who distinguished himself last night. Already prominent at the end of the first round against the Hawks to replace Kyle Lowry numerically, the former Magic, Thunder, Pacers and Rockets player joined Spoelstra’s rotation against the Sixers for good, and after a Game 1 average in attack the rascal came out of his box last night to fully participate in his team’s second victory in this series. To see the role that will be assigned to him when the return of Kyle Lowry will mean 35 minutes less for the friends, but so far Toto is anything but a joke.

19 points at 6/11 in shooting including 3/4 from the parking lot, 4/4 in throws, 6 rebounds, 1 big def

Totor’s performance tonight? It’s a… triple perf. The first is first of all to have succeeded in becoming the most famous Victor in South Beach, ahead of Victor Newman, and given the composition of the local fanbase, it’s a small feat. The second ? Having regained his MIP verve, by sending a slew of buckets as soon as he came off the bench and until the end of the match, notably allowing his team to take cover for good with five points in a row in the “money time “. We know Vic’s offensive skills, his handle, his hang time, etc., but his defensive skills a little less and that’s where our third point arises: his defense, especially on James Harden. Remember the boy’s early years, not quite Davion Mitchell or Herb Jones, but already among the strongest defensemen in the League from his rookie season with the Magic. This night Olala therefore remembered the good memories of his crazy years when he saw himself sent on a mission to Ramesse, and while sheathing and defensive footwork the Vic held on, and even more than that. Shadow work that paid off, we say at the same time that Kyle Lowry can recover quietly at least on this series, and therefore a clearly valuable status on this Game 2 which offers a 2,673rd solution to Spoelstra to strum with its wonderful roster.

Bam Adebayo, Jimmy Butler and Tyler Herro have been true to form, but the unofficial Player of the Match award may go to Victor Oladipo tonight. The crowner remains a difficult player to sound out but when he evolves at this level of confidence and, above all, accuracy, one wonders how the Sixers… will be able to fight against the Miami bench. Old good days, to be continued.


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