“Trying to Change Al’s Impact”


Leading 2-1 in the series and in control for much of the game, the Milwaukee Bucks missed a golden opportunity to put the Celtics’ head under water. In a still very committed match where Giannis Antetokounmpo went to the end of himself and signed 34 points and 18 rebounds, the Bucks gave up in the last act by conceding 43 points. Boston shot an impressive 16/19 in the final quarter.

“We have to play harder,” said Giannis Antetokounmpo. ” It’s as simple as that. They played a lot one on one. They put shots. They created pick & pop opportunities for Al Horford for three-point shots. But in the end, they put shots. They took shots at the end of the game. They executed well. They were disciplined. We have to give them credit, but we made the effort.

Al Horford put out a huge performance with 30 points at 11/14 including 5/7 at 3-pts, 8 rebounds and 3 assists for a plus/minus of +20 and important actions, including the shot at 3-pts at 5’40 of the end which put his own in the lead for good before continuing 30 seconds later with a 3-pt action. Author of an excellent Game 3, not the absence of Robert Williams he took things in hand.

“Al is a great competitor,” said Mike Budenholzer, who coached Horford with the Atlanta Hawks. “He’s a great teammate. I think there’s something special going on in their team right now. I think his teammates, his coaches and the organization respect him a lot and respect his game. He plays incredible basketball. So we have to find a way to make it harder for him and try to change the impact he has on the game. But he’s a good player and he’s showing it. »

Then Jayson Tatum bounced back after his very bad Game 3, author of 30 points at 11/24, 13 rebounds and 5 assists, then above all he signed an 8-0 on his own to give his team a 10-point lead before Marcus Smart bend the case. This time Wesley Matthewsimpressive in defense during Game 3, suffered.

“He’s a hell of a player,” said Wesley Matthews. “He’s an All-Star. He’s an All NBA. One hell of a scorer. I have to watch the game, which I will do tonight. He attacked the circle and I take responsibility for that. He had too many easy drives. He got into rhythm. He went to the spots he likes a little too easily. But he’s a hell of a player. He will take difficult shots. »

Jrue Holiday, who had been crucial in Game 3, notably with a clutch basket and a big defense, missed out on his attacking match with 16 points at a terrible 5/22, in addition to 9 assists. He finished with the worst plus/minus of the match: -23.

“I missed a lot of things that I usually get right,” Holiday said. “I remain confident. I will continue to take shots. That’s all I can do. I will not be passive or submissive. Just be confident and try to watch the ball go through the circle. »

Now it is the Celtics who regain the advantage of the field before a game that promises to be huge tomorrow night at TD Garden.

“It’s going to be a hard-fought game,” Matthews said. “It will be a very competitive series. We knew that when we started this series. We knew that when we won the first game. We knew that when we were 2-1 down. It will be a battle. We expect it. We just have to be better. We won all but one of the quarters, and that was the most important. You have to take the good side of things, learn from the bad and move on. »

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