“They take so much pleasure in whistling at me, it’s become funny”


Public enemy number 1 at the United Center since the start of the year for injuring Alex Caruso on a very nasty fault, Grayson Allen takes malicious pleasure in shining in the lair of the Bulls, and his teammates in chambering him. While he was copiously whistled during his previous visits to the United Center, his teammates decided to laugh about it and put him in the mood during these two games played in Chicago. They whistled him when he entered the bus, when he arrived at the hotel or even during the video session.

“They (his teammates) have so much fun whistling at me,” Allen said with a laugh after the Game 4 win. “I honestly find it hilarious. It got funny. It becomes much easier to hear that during the meeting because I think they are really funny. »

If his teammates are loud, Allen has ended up silencing Bulls fans in the last two games. How ? By signing his best games in the playoffs in quick succession. Yesterday afternoon he simply disgusted the Bulls with 27 points off the bench with an impressive 10/12 shooting including 6/7 at 3-pts.

However, even if he has become a villain in Chicago, and that he has already been dragging this kind of reputation for a long time, he assures that he does not draw any additional motivation from it.

“I’m not naturally comfortable in this situation,” Allen said. “I’m at the point now where every time I go to play basketball, I just remember to go out there and have fun with it. … My personality makes me naturally uncomfortable with attention, boos, being heckled. It’s not something I feed on. I’m not going to try to do that.”

What is certain is that he has been showing an impressive level recently, which the Bucks need in the absence of Khris Middleton and with an awkward Pat Connaughton. And his teammates have been having fun with it since first returning to Chicago in March, and Giannis Antetokounmpo said Allen even had a picture framed of the bench in Game 3, who was whistling at him when he was on the throw line.

“He played amazing, maybe he should be booed even more,” said Giannis Antetokounmpo with a smile after the game. “Maybe the Milwaukee fans should whistle it… nah, we’re not gonna do that.”

“When we whistled him during the game he really started to play well, so we’re continuing. » Jrue Holiday

Best scorer of Game 3, he was not far from redoing the shot yesterday. But in the last two meetings, no Bulls player has scored as many points as him. After a delicate start to the series, it seems launched, to the chagrin of the Bulls. He yesterday became the first Bucks player to come off the bench and score at least 25 playoff points since Tim Thomas in 2003.

“He’s quite discreet, but confident,” said Mike Budenholzer. “I think it’s a confident group, a group that sees a player who can help them and they appreciate his competitive spirit. He is discreet, no bullshit with him, he comes to play. I think our guys buy into that mentality. He has undoubtedly fitted in well. »




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