The time the Bulls almost traded Michael Jordan… and the package!

La légende NBA des Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan, a vu l'un des actuels joueurs de la franchise l'imiter en réalisant un gros flu-game

Impossible to dissociate Michael Jordan from Chicago, as the rear left his mark on the franchise forever. And yet, this one did not go far from separating from it, before the dynasty began in Illinois! And the counterpart for him was quite ridiculous…

To get back into context, we have to go back to the end of the 1987-88 season. At that time, Michael Jordan had just signed his second consecutive campaign as top scorer, finishing with 35 points on average. But above all, he then also achieved the double MVP-Defender of the Year, with the icing on the cake a victory in the dunk contest and an MVP of the All-Star Game. An exceptional individual record!

On the other hand, the balance sheet is much less pleasant on the collective level. Since the draft of His Airness, the Bulls fail to pass a milestone in the playoffs, never reaching the conference finals. After being swept away in the first round by Boston in 1986-87, they fell this time against the Pistons (1-4 in the conference semi-finals). A lack of results that is beginning to frustrate leaders…

Michael Jordan not far from finishing… at the Clippers

Suddenly in the summer of 1988, rumors spread that the Chicago roster was about to explode. We are talking about the departures of Charles Oakley, Horace Grant… But above all, it is also rumored that MJ could also take the door! As told in the book Jordan Rules of Sam Smith, Windy City did not go far from concluding an agreement with the Clippers. The author even had a very precise idea of ​​the counterpart for n°23:

  • The Clippers receive :Michael Jordan
  • The Bulls receive : Michael Cage, Mike Woodson, Ken Norman & two first round draft picks (who will become Danny Manning and Hersey Hawkins)

For once, there is something to swoon over for all Taurus fans. Such a package would have forever prevented their team from waiting for its legendary status in the 90s, none of the players mentioned being a size! If we had to find an excuse for Jerry Krause, GM of the Chicagoans, we must say that we were still far from the overpowered squad that we now know. Scottie Pippen was just coming out of his sophomore season, and Phil Jackson wasn’t in charge yet.

As a result, seeing Jordan play the soloists without success was therefore not attractive for the franchise. Fortunately for her, however, the deal never saw the light of day. Thanks to this, Chi-Town was able to glean six NBA championship titles during the following decade, becoming a heavyweight in the league. The same cannot be said of the Californians, who saw a golden opportunity to leave their status as losers.

It’s probably the entire Clippers fanbase that still has to regret this non-trade. Instead of reclaiming one of, if not the best player in history, the Angelinos insisted on mediocrity for over two more decades…before the Lob City era came.


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