the leader released the lock in the money time

Jrue Holiday Bucks 12 mai 2022

Expected at the turn after a complicated start to the series, Jrue Holiday came out of the woods at the best of times. The All-Star point guard was huge in the money time to snatch Game 5 in Boston.

We were still talking about it after the last game, Giannis Antetokounmpo was alone to manage the Celtics. Khris Middleton still injured, Jrue Holiday was to take the role of the right arm to support the Greek Freak. Well taken by Marcus Smart and awkward, the All-Star point guard lived a rather delicate series. And then comes this famous fifth game so important in the Playoffs. Dominated by a very serious Boston team, Milwaukee was heading straight for a logical defeat and we were still going to release the verse on Giannis and his loneliness. Yeah, the Freak plants 40 pawns but there’s no one behind to help him achieve victory. NOT THIS TIME. This time, Jrue Holiday has step-up when needed. On alternating current during the first three acts, the All-Star point guard will be essential in the money time. Scoring, creation for others, defense, Jrue les vacances gets in tune with its leader and it immediately makes the difference. It was he who scored the 3-point equalizer 40 seconds from time. All that is already great but, of course, we will especially remember this end of the match in his own part of the field.

What are we talking about then? Quite simply a double defensive action of a very, very, very high level, a real turning point in this series given the outcome of this meeting. We start with a version of “The Block” made in Wisconsin. Marcus Smart overtakes Pat Connaughton, he is about to score despite the contact but Mister Holiday watches over the grain and slams one against MO-NU-MEN-TAL. Not content to protect his basket, the leader will even succeed in recovering possession by sending the swell on Marcus Smart before it leaves. Oh that trickster.

Stopping there would have been incredible enough, but Boston still had an opportunity to equalize after Pat Connaughton’s shots. Marcus Smart, again, goes up the ball at full speed and who arrives to put on a little mimine and destroy all the dreams of the TD Garden? We’ll let you guess.

Not only does Jrue finally live up to expectations, he does so at a pivotal moment. The team was back to the wall and we already imagined two match points for Boston in the series. There, you win a heroic victory that marks a real turning point for the future. Just to do things right, the leader even went to dust off the books of the League. According to ESPN Stats, Holiday is the first player in 25 years to compile a block and an interception in the last ten seconds of a Playoff game. Seriously, all of that.

Jrue Holiday slammed a crazy money time to help Milwaukee win in Boston. Criticized because of his average performance since the start of the series, the sidekick of the Greek Freak responds in the best way.

Text source: ESPN Stats & info


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