Robert Williams III could return from Game 3 against the Nets!

Robert Williams III could return from Game 3 against the Nets!

We obviously talk a lot about the return of Ben Simmons on the sidelines of what is happening on the field between the Celtics and the Nets, but another could be done very soon: that of Robert Williams III. The latest news about the guy is very encouraging, unless you’re a Brooklyn fan.

Ben Simmons should return for Game 4 at Barclays Center on Monday, Robert Williams III could be on the floor tomorrow for the third meeting of the Celtics – Nets series in New York. This morning, we made an overall update on the situation of Time Lord by trying to guess the timing of his return, Shams Charania from The Athletic is now here to bring us big details about the pivot of the Celtics. According to the insider, there is therefore chances that RWIII will be dressed Saturday night for Game 3, where the Celtics will try to push the band to Kevin Durant by winning a third consecutive success. If ever it’s a bit short, we could see Robert two days later for the fourth round, still in Brooklyn. Very positive news therefore for Boston supporters, who had taken a big blow to morale at the end of March when they learned that their pivot had torn a meniscus. Obviously, RWIII’s rehabilitation is going in the best possible way (it spoke of an absence of 4 to 6 weeks minimum at the time of the operation), and the decision of his return will be taken according to the sensations felt by the interior Greens day to day. Game 3, Game 4 or even a little later, we’ll see, but clearly, Time Lord is on the right track.

And that inevitably, it can change two or three things in this series between Boston and Brooklyn. Finally “change”, let’s say that it can reinforce the defensive and athletic domination of Ime Udoka’s men, superior in intensity to those of Steve Nash. Do you remember the statements of Bruce Brown who said that the absence of RWIII would allow the Nets to attack the paint of Boston? Well so far, it must be said thatAl Horford and Daniel Theis closed the door to him by helping the Greens to take control of the series. So if you add a physical phenomenon like Time Lord to the equation, it can get very, very complicated for Brooklyn, Ben Simmons or not Ben Simmons. RWIII effectively brings an aerial dimension to both sides of the field that his two racket buddies do not have, which will pose an additional problem for the Nets who already have quite a bit of it at the start of the series. Williams will likely need some time to regain all his legs and it will be interesting to see if he directly takes over the starting pivot spot currently occupied by Dani Theis. But regardless of the role he will have and his evolution, the Celtics really have something to freak out about today through the defense and the physical impact they are able to impose to stifle their opponent. The KD Nets are here to testify.

Robert Williams III on the way back, definitely all the lights are green today on the side of the Celtics. And the more we advance, the more we say to ourselves that this version of Boston has all the necessary elements to really go as far as possible in these Playoffs. If we had been told that a few months ago…

Text source: The Athletic


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