Nets – Lakers: LeBron James in demonstration

Nets – Lakers: LeBron James in demonstration

Anthony Davis back, the Lakers quickly set the pace to try to take control of operations as quickly as possible. LeBron James and his family were revengeful after the setback suffered in December against these same Nets, and their defense was exemplary, especially on the outside lines since Brooklyn will never find the target. They will have up to 14 points ahead in the first half, reached with the score of 62-53.

Malik Monk brought fresh blood off the bench, with 22 units, helped by a Carmelo Anthony who recalled fond memories of his years in the Big Apple. As for LeBron James, he confirmed (if necessary), that he remained the boss and the sole leader of his team.

Alongside a disappointing Russell Westbrook, he led the way in defense, and disgusted Steve Nash’s men on several occasions, such as during “money time” when he slammed two monstrous dunks in transition then stuck a huge tarp to Nic Claxton, who definitely dashed the hopes of James Harden and company.

Tonight, the Barclays Center was yellow and purple, adorned with a golden crown for a 106-96 Lakers success.


A “Hardenesque” first quarter. In the absence of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, James Harden knows he must take matters into his own hands, and he did not wait to blacken the game sheet. During the first twelve minutes of the match, “The Beard” scored 16 points (already taking 13 shots!), 5 rebounds and 3 assists, and showed a great desire in defense.

Anthony Davis, 17 matches later! AD is back and didn’t take long to mark its presence, with three big blocks in the first quarter! Lacking pace, he ran out of juice and took a few forced shots, but his presence in the paint is real good news for the California franchise. Frank Vogel was smiling a little more than usual on the edge of the field, and AD’s return seems to be a relief for the technician, who is clearly under pressure…

A not very “Net” address. The “threeee” of the Nets announcer, Quebecer Olivier Sedra, were not heard too much at Barclays Center. The fault of an aggressive defense of the Lakers on the exteriors of Brooklyn, who shot at a low 26% long distance (7/27). Snipers Harden (2/7) and Patty Mills (3/9) had their weapons jammed…


LeBron James. Two big dunks after stealing the swell from opposing hands six minutes from time, then a big counter on Nic Claxton when the Nets were only three possessions behind. This is how to permanently bury the hopes of the Nets, who suffered from the very great LeBron James during his 34 minutes on the floor. With 33 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists, 2 steals, 2 blocks, and no loose balls, he made a public “clinic” in Brooklyn.

James Harden. He signs yet another triple-double (33 points, 12 rebounds, 11 assists) including 16 units in the first quarter, but he is alone at the helm of the Nets. He talked to the youngsters a lot, and he got a lot of points near the circle, but he fought against all odds, without success.

Russell Westbrook. A little nervous, but also very distracted and erased at times, the number 0 of the Angelinos was generally disappointing. Talking a little too much with the public, the former Thunder is in a difficult phase, and has even seen LeBron James take it up on several implementations of offensive systems….


Brooklyn (29-18) : back to back at home to play the Nuggets of another monster, Nikola Jokic.

LA Lakers (24-24) : Continuation of the trip on the East Coast and trip to Philadelphia to face the Sixers on Thursday.


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