leading by 28 points and then losing is called malpractice

leading by 28 points and then losing is called malpractice

While this New York derby promised to be rather tasteless, the Knicks still managed to make this match a masterclass of nullity. Faced with a decimated Nets and after leading by 28 points, the Knicks found a way to lose this game. We no longer have the words.

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That night was therefore one of the four New York derbies of the season. No hype yet, or very little, because of the absence of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons on one side and RJ Barrett, Derrick Rose and Pat Ewing on the other. However, we clicked because it’s Wednesday, and Wednesday… it’s Panzani.

However, the evening was shaping up very well for the Knicks, at 13/19 in the first quarter and led by Julius Randle as the leader (wait for the rest) with his 20 points and 6 rebounds at halftime. For their part, the Nets do what they can with what they have, but do not find the target and shoot only 34% before the poo break. The Manhattan franchise will even lead by… 28 points in the middle of the second quarter, and at that point, we say something like it’s folded, let’s switch to Washington – Indiana”. Except that neither we nor the Knicks were ready for the second half.

Indeed, on returning from the locker room the Nets inflict a first run of 22-10 on their opponent. Well helped by the bombinettes sent by Patty Mills and Seth Curry (4/6 between them in the third quarter), the Nets pick up and we start scratching our heads. The last act will start with the score of 87-73 in favor of Tom Thibodeau’s men, however, and thanks in particular to the duo LaMarcus Aldridge and Cam Thomas (respectively 11 and 16 points in the last quarter), the Nets continue their momentum at so much so that at 3 minutes 58 before the end, they allow themselves to… go ahead. WTF.

Wondering why we still haven’t talked about the Knicks in the second half? It’s normal, we haven’t seen them. Moreover, we take the opportunity to launch a search notice because it becomes worrying, know for example that over the whole of the second half the Knicks only returned fourteen shots, the same number as BC Veyle last week against Bouchoux. Then will follow two minutes of clutchitude from the men in white, including one huge step back 9 meters from Cam Thomas – who will finish at 21 points – to close the meeting, me-ri-tey for guys who, themselves, will not have given up.

With all due respect to the Brooklyn Nets, it’s not them who won this game, it was those miserable Knicks who lost it. In just ten days? This team of New York just dropped 3 games in which they led by at least 21 points. At this level, it is downright professional misconduct, even more serious when the lease is repeated, and when we question Tom Thibodeau about tonight’s defeat, the Knicks coach will simply answer: “We must continue to play hard even with such a lead and we didn’t. Thanks for the tip Tommy.

What a disappointing season for the Knicks, who will enter after the All-Star Weekend break the most difficult part of their calendars. The only thing we can advise you to avoid falling into depression? We dare huh, but change the franchise of heart because the Knicks will always remain the Knicks. Not a loser franchise huh, but still… often.


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