Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on teco, testified the power of the sentence

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on teco, testified the power of the sentence

It is done ! With 14,216 points, Giannis Antetokounmpo became, against the Nets last night, the leading scorer in the history of his franchise, the Milwaukee Bucks. And the Freak even allowed himself to overtake a great man in the history of the basket ball. Yes, we are talking about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, please.

There, we are very close to the very definition of a dream evening. After having posed a classic on the truffle of the Nets at Barclays Center, Giannis Antetokounmpo therefore offered himself, at only 27 years old, the symbolic title of leading scorer in the history of the Milwaukee Bucks. And with the manner please, since it is the shooting of the parking lot to force the prolongation which formalized the thing. A distinction all the more symbolic that until this night, the holder was named Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Yeah, it’s not nothing to overtake one of the greatest in the history of his sport. Giannis continues, with this new record in his possession, to print his paw in Wisconsin. Until imposing Greek yogurts in the canteen? Maybe not, but the certainty is that, contrary to what a certain bearded man may have said in 2020, it is therefore not enough to be tall and to dunk to break such a record. If we go a little more into the factual, the Freak will have needed almost nine seasons to overcome this stat. Why are we coming back to this? Bah simply because the one we still called Lew Alcindor at the time needed “only” six seasons to set the bar so high. Which lets us take a little measure of the phenomenon that was KAJ in its time, and to put an immense respect on this name.

The question now is how far Giannis will push that number. Already NBA champion with his one and only franchise in 2021, double MVP 2019 and 2020 with the Daims, field partner with one of his brothers… Honestly, the Greek has built himself, since his arrival in the area in 2013, the best environment in Milwaukee and at the moment, there is no indication that he will leave this place. Even if we know the NBA eh, comfort zone coughed coughed… Anyway, 14,216 points at 27 years old, that leaves a lot of time for the fellow monster to set his record high in the heavens. Spared by the big sores in his first nine seasons (and we wish him for his whole career by the way), it can potentially cause a lot in the records that no one will ever look for. Especially since the Giannis is a crack as we only make very few per generation.

Great performance for the Freak! It’s symbolic, but ultimately the NBA really likes symbols. Now, focus on the immediate sequel for the Bucks star: the Playoffs. And when you see how the guy knocked out the Nets last night, there’s something to freak out about when you’re qualified for the postseason in the East…

Text source: ESPN


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