James Harden arrives at the Sixers against Ben Simmons, the long-awaited bomb has fallen!

James Harden arrives at the Sixers against Ben Simmons, the long-awaited bomb has fallen!

We expected it, the rumors were getting hotter and hotter, and it’s now official. With just under two hours until the NBA Trade Deadline buzzer, the Nets and Sixers have reached an agreement to trade James Harden and Ben Simmons. BOOM!

The bomb fell at 7:16 p.m. shams & Woj. James Harden is set to join Joel Embiid at the Sixers, just a year after arriving in Brooklyn. As for Ben Simmons, who has not played a single minute with Philadelphia since Game 7 against the Hawks in the 2021 Playoffs, he is finally leaving the city of brotherly love to get this new start he was waiting for. If the basis of this deal will obviously not surprise anyone, the other elements involved in the transaction represented the great mystery. We knew the Nets wanted more than Simmons, but we wondered what Daryl Morey was willing to let go of to find his favorite bearded man. According to Shams Charania and Adrian Wojnarowski, Seth Curry, Andre Drummond and two first-round draft picks (2022 unprotected that can switch to 2023, and 2027 protected 1-8) are also going to Brooklyn with the Boomer. This allows the Nets to add sniper in the absence of Joe Harris as well as weight in the racket, just like draft capital which had been sacrificed in the James Harden deal precisely. On the Sixers side, Seth Curry was certainly let go but Daryl Morey managed to keep Tyrese Maxey – announced as untouchable in the discussions – and also Matisse Thybulle. In the minutes leading up to that huge earthquake, Thybulle seemed to represent the point of contention between Nets boss Sean Marks and Daryl Morey, and ultimately he’s going to stay in Philadelphia. Last little detail of no great importance to share with you concerning this deal, Paul Millsap also joins Philly with Harden.

James Harden in the Sixers jersey, so it’s a reality now and we already know that he will take his player option at 47 million dollars for next season. Daryl Morey waited, waited, waited, and waited for an All-Star caliber player in exchange for Ben Simmons, he got it by taking advantage of Brooklyn’s current struggles. The Nets remain on nine consecutive losses, Kevin Durant has been in the infirmary for several weeks, Kyrie Irving is a part-time player… in short, so many reasons – and there are others – which have greatly frustrated Ramesse at the as the season progressed, he who imagined himself having a good time in a three-headed monster destined to walk on the NBA. Like what, things can go very very quickly in the Big League. Being aware of the Barbu’s desires elsewhere as well as his free agent status at the end of the season, Sean Marks therefore took the plunge to break a Big Three who ultimately only played 16 games together in a year. Of course, only time will tell who won this trade. The Nets have not changed their objective, they are still aiming for the title and the arrival of Ben Simmons alongside KD and Kyrie could do damage. The Sixers, they have always indicated that they wanted to recover a star in order to provide support worthy of the name to Joel Embiid and play the leading roles. We were just wondering if Daryl was going to wait until next summer, even if it means sacrificing a year of Jojo’s bonus to obtain the desired consideration. Now we are set.

James Harden to the Sixers, it’s done! The Ben Simmons saga is officially over! While the two franchises felt more and more pressure in relation to their respective situation, the long-awaited deal for a few days did indeed materialize. And now, we only ask for one thing: a series of Playoffs between Brooklyn and Philly!

Text source: The Athletic / ESPN


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