hello the frustrating season as possible

hello the frustrating season as possible

The favorite team for the NBA title both among experts and for most fans, the Brooklyn Nets finally settled for a nice 4-0 slap in the first round of the Playoffs. A catastrophic scenario that will have concluded a year… tumultuous. Come on, let’s settle in and redo Jay-Z’s friends season!

# What TrashTalk predicted

The Nets were hungry, the Nets only wanted a trophy to satiate their immense appetite. Kevin Durant, James Harden, Kyrie Irving, it promised very heavy… Even without their magician leader, COVID obliges, nothing seemed impossible for Brooklyn. We then speak of KD with three characters, and it is indeed an M, a V and a P in order. James Harden in charge, lieutenants like Joe Harris, Blake Griffin, LaMarcus Aldridge… and a small army of devilishly efficient players: Patty Mills, Bruce Brown and the very promising Nic Claxton. You would have understood it, the workforce is downright monstrous and it is therefore absolutely impossible to see how it would be possible to prevent this group from demolishing the NBA. 58 wins, 24 losses, the place of Dauphin in the East and the intention of returning to the Playoffs to take the Grail in June. In short, what ambition!

# What actually happened

Oh la la, take out the popcorn, the aperitif, whatever you want because we’re going to have a good time as we screwed up. No Kyrie no party? No need for Kai to get dirty at the start of the school year. The first of the Nets in Milwaukee ends in good big jerk in favor of the defending champions, but not enough to freak out. Kevin Durant is very strong in basketball, Harden is also quite a specialist and the ship led by Steve Nash seems to be sailing in the right direction after a big month with fourteen successes for only six defeats. We tell ourselves that the machine is launched, that Kevin Durant is going to be intractable all this season… Obviously, we are in New York and this city would not be the same without its dose of show and twists. Already, we are warming up with an injury to Joe Harris just before December, a blow for the handyman and especially the appointed sniper of Bedford-Stuyvesant. Surgery at the level of the compulsory ankle, hop four to eight weeks of absence. During this time, BKN still continues on its way and picks up more victories than defeats, that’s the goal you will tell us. Aware that all weapons are necessary to get the title, the Nets decide in early January to bring Kyrie Irving out of the closet where he had been placed by the franchise. He’s there to entertain us, but it’s only a part-time contract. In New York State, where the Nets sports facilities are based, it is still forbidden to train when you have not received your injection of the vaccine. Irving is therefore available, but only during matches on the road.

Things are going pretty well in Brooklyn all the same and, despite Joe Harris’ somewhat sloppy bobo, all these beautiful people aren’t doing too badly… Just wait for the evening of January 16th. Home game against the Pelicans, nothing more normal in the middle of the NBA season. You know that adage, like it’s when everything goes well that a big trifle happens. And there in terms of trifles, it is indeed difficult to do more terrible. Bruce Brown doesn’t see Kevin Durant on a defensive comeback and digs all his weight into his knee. The damage is done, Kevin goes straight out, holding his joint… and the verdict falls, as chilling as the mid-winter wind in New York: two months of absence for the Durantula. Only one being is missing and everything is depopulated said Alphonse de Lamartine. And he was right because, in the case of the Nets, the importance of KD on the game of his team was such that the latter completely collapsed after the beginning of his long recovery. If there have been unreal nights in terms of stats, with 51 points in Detroit, 55 in Atlanta and 35 or more not knowing what to do with them, it is above all the impact of the star on defenses opponents who have so far allowed Steve Nash’s soldiers to do well. Now that the band is deprived of one of the best attackers in the history of the game, the task is obviously more complicated. The physical glitches, a first big problem but not the last for Sean Marks, General Manager of the Nets.

Why are we talking about this? Because it is now James Harden who will attract all the attention. Drunk by Kyrie Irving’s schedule and by the results, El Barbudo wisely prepares his transfer in the shadows. During this time, the Nets sink: the defeats are picked up by the shovel, the balance sheet is growing but on the wrong side of the dash. All the efforts undertaken at the start of the season evaporate. Ramesse finally gets his exit ticket to Philadelphia in a blockbuster trade which agitates the entire NBA. Exit James, hello… Ben Simmons, Seth Curry and Andre Drummond. Yeah but be careful, Benny is coming and it’s certainly a pretty fair deal on paper given everyone’s situations, but the guy is not ready to play… and he will never walk the field until the end. elimination of the Nets, but we are not there yet. Brooklyn is now in the fight for the Play-in, sometimes eighth, sometimes ninth. Finally, thanks to a late run of four wins to close the season, the Nets won a seventh place synonymous with home field advantage in the play-off. The job is assured against the very diminished Cavaliers and therefore heading into the postseason with the rank of seventh in the East to face the formidable Celtics of the Jay Brothers.

We want Boston! is what BKN fans were saying after the Play-in victory. Don’t worry guys, you won’t be disappointed. And it’s true that conversely, with the end of the season in a whirlwind of Kai and Kev ‘, it is rather hot at first sight to stick with the Nets a priori reinvigorated. First game at TD Garden, Kyrie is logically expected after his gesture on the logo last season. The guy will respond in the best possible way by sending 39 puntos on the ganache of the Greens, but that will not be enough and the C’s will win at the buzzer in front of an overexcited public. What a legendary series we are going to live… or not. Too well managed defensively and moved by a just impeccable Celtics collective, the Nets will give in game after game, finally suffering the sweep of the troops of Ime Udoka. Leaders locked, lieutenants not up to scratch – in every sense of the word – and Ben Simmons in civilian clothes on the bench: end of the season after four games and heading to Cancun. The disappointment is immense, the frustration is just as much when you see what the Nets went through and where they could have gone without glitches. Year II is a failure, we will have to wipe the slate clean but remember what was not : lack of rotation, size and especially a coach giving solutions to his team. We’re not going to put a cartridge to Steve Nash but his contribution to the series against the C’s was… light.

# The image of the season

The day when everything changed, and we are absolutely not talking about the big antenna show that brings together the best actors in the history of cinema (no). Following this glitch in the knee: the Nets lose fifteen games out of the twenty disputed, see James Harden leave the ship, recover a player certainly strong but injured and out of rhythm… and end up eliminated in the first round without winning a single round, pay your nightmare. We know the vagaries of the NBA but, this season, we can say that Brooklyn has really enjoyed it. It’s quite simple: apart from the detrimental injury to Joe Harris, everything was going relatively well for Steve Nash’s band. Too bad, the fate falls again after the story of the shoe size being too big and you will have to try your luck again next year.

# He was a hit this season

Of course, we’re going to talk about Kevin Durant. He did everything for the Nets when he was on the court, but like did EVERYTHING huh. His injury hurt his people a lot but, when he was operational, what a hell of a feeling to see him play at this level! Statistically, we are talking about his best scoring season since… his MVP title, just that: 29.9 points, 7.4 rebounds and 6.4 assists, wow the sick thing. We inevitably regret that he did not have the impact that we predicted for him in the Playoffs but, in his defense, nothing was tactically offered to free him. We still had a good time on a regular basis, and the two, three big cards in the season show that, at 33, Durantula is still a striker of great genius.

# The disappointment of the season

Kyrie Irving, only 29 games played. The situation has been more than a nightmare for everyone, from the player to his team, including of course basketball fans. His shelving is not his doing since it was his leaders who decided that they did not want a part-time player (at least for a time obviously) but this vaccine story (his choice therefore ) will still have polluted part of the Nets season and it will give fans a lot of regrets. Great player, but we knew that, Uncle Drew was quick to show all he could bring to the Nets when he returned to full time… mid-March, far too late to impact anything except our hearts full of frustration.

# The following ?

The rest is first of all taking the time to heal all the physical glitches of each and evacuate the humiliation suffered and the enormous frustration generated by this season. Then it will be necessary to recruit intelligently, perhaps to take out two, three names from the rotation and especially to tactically bring down this small ball which was completely smashed by the rigor of Boston. Three stars is good, it takes a lot of work, but we see it with the best NBA teams at the moment: the Big Three model seems to be in the hard, the place is now full staff from end to end of the bench, filled with profiles ready to contribute to help the overall project. Of course, we are not spitting here on the talent of Kevin, Kyrie and soon Ben, but we will have to surround them. At this level, do not worry too much because Sean Marks is a formidable manager and will be able to complete this group as well as possible.

Frustration, disappointment. That’s what the Nets sparked, not just in their fans but in all basketball fans. The season is a miss and we will have to get back on track. The injuries, the COVID, the desires of each other, too many things have sinned this season to hope for a future at the jeweler. We expect a much more coherent and stable Brooklyn team at the start of the school year.

Source: ESPN


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