fourth loss in a row for Brooklyn, this time it was Klay Thompson who donned the costume of the assassin

fourth loss in a row for Brooklyn, this time it was Klay Thompson who donned the costume of the assassin

There was a (little) smell of 2016 last night at the Chase Center, for this clash between the Warriors and the Nets, this clash which opposed the Splash Brothers of Golden State – once again amputated from Draymond Green – to a team of Nets driven by a Kyrie Irving in great shape but abandoned by the other two members of the Big Three of the Nets. A fallen Kyrie with arms in hand, and the Nets who chained a… fourth loss in a row.

The house stats of this clash between killers is right here

When Kyrie Irving planted that huge shot from the parking lot at 45 degrees, with four hands in the face and nine seconds to go, flashes of 2016 obviously dazzled us. For comparisons with the Cavs – Warriors of yesteryear we will stop there, if not a surgical Klay Thompson in the money time, but let’s say that a few stars shone last night in the sky of San Francisco. A bit of a skewed game on the surface, especially when it was learned that James Harden would be out with a hand injury and a new partnership with Albal trash bagsbut a match that will have finally kept all its promises by keeping us in suspense from minute 1 to minute 48, well almost.

Almost ? Almost yes, because in the middle of the third quarter the depth of Steve Kerr’s roster began to beat Steve Nash’s, because after two and a half quarters Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson were struggling to find the target maiiiiiis Andrew Wiggins put once moreover certain things in point and Otto Porter Jr. once again played his role of factor X lookalike of Wilt Chamberlain wonderfully. A gap that rises to almost 20 points is not “the famous third quarter of the Warriors” but rather the Nets who are suffocating, and fortunately for Brooklyn and for the scenario of the match a certain… Kyrie Irving comes out of his box and contributes greatly to redo the gap and to tease us with a balanced last quarter. By dribbling or by shooting Kyrie does everything, he does it well because he does it his way, LaMarcus Aldridge also puts forward his experience and with ten minutes remaining and as the Heat and the Raptors begin their twelfth overtime around… Stephen Curry wakes up after an incredible two-hour nap. A few bomblets stamped Splash, the Dubs who keep a timid lead against a Kyrie who is starting to tire but who is clearly dropping his best match of the season, Patty Mills who is supporting the artist well.

Five minutes from the end of the match the score is 93 everywhere in tribute to Fianso Bruno Lopez, Jordan Poole sends Blake Griffin to Uranus with a nice feint, Curry scores from a distance, the King of the Aborigines responds to him in stride but Klay Thompson chained five consecutive points and increased the pressure. Kyrie Irving and Patty Mills do the job on the line and don’t want to give up but twelve seconds from the buzzer and +1 Warriors it’s time for THE ACTION OF THE MATCH ladies and gentlemen. Screen from Klay Thompson for Stephen Curry, who drops a pass at his big buddy, who swings a massive eight-yard dagger to put four points ahead of the champions… of long ago. Kyrie may plant a HUGE shot a few seconds later, the Dubs did the hardest part, the refs put the icing on the victory cake by penalizing Kyrie with a serious foul on a throw-in, and in the end the two Splashous finish the job on the line and share the last 17 points for the Warriors in this match.

Nets a bit short and the circumstances of this loss are extenuating, but it’s still four losses in a row for a team now … sixth in the East behind the Heat, the Bulls, the Cavs, the Bucks and the Sixers. For Golden State everything is fine, the two house snipers combine a 5/18 of the parking lot but remain clutches, waiting for the return of the most capable man in the world to transform them into unplayable attackers. Two rooms, two atmospheres, two assessments.


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