Doc Rivers doesn’t know whether to watch Game 5 footage or ‘burn’ it

Doc Rivers doesn't know whether to watch Game 5 footage or 'burn' it

The wind turns very quickly in this series between 76ers and Heat. After being outplayed in the first two rounds in Miami, they seemed to regain the upper hand in the next two matches with the return of Joel Embiid. This impression completely evaporated during Game 5, dominated from start to finish by the Floridians.

The difficulties of the Pennsylvania players started in a first quarter easily won by the Heat (31-19). “ They were physical, we missed shots, they got off to a good start.summarized in a few words James Harden. “It’s complicated to be trailing by 12 points in the first quarter away from home against a very good team. We cannot allow this to happen. Especially for a Game 5 and after two home matches where we played well. It’s hard to come back.

The Sixers are hard pressed to explain why they were still dominated at the start of the game, as was the case in the previous two meetings in Florida. Tobias Harris pleads lack of energy.

They chained actions to which we were unable to respond. They destabilized us from the start, we weren’t able to get back into the swing of things and find the rhythm we were looking for during the match.”develops the winger. “It’s disappointing, it’s a tough loss considering what we expected from the game and what we wanted to achieve, but we have to get back on track. »

They’ve been tougher and better at everything they’ve done

Philadelphia was able to hang on to the score for the next two quarters, to end up with “only” 15 points behind at the start of the last period.

But the visitors will experience a new hell with 39 points conceded in the last act (39-19), for a very painful final gap: -35. James Harden, like Joel Embiid, points to a lack of defensive commitment: ” We weren’t engaged defensively, which slowed our attack. We must be in it. On a second round of the playoffs, a Game 5 away, playing hard is not enough. We have to be able to think possession by possession and we haven’t done that together enough. »

For his part, Doc Rivers, disappointed by his troop, describes Floridians ” so much more committed, more physical ” and which made his players thwart.

We played at a snail’s pace.”he continues. “We had 85 shots (31/85 or 36.5%), we lost balloons (15), they were tougher and better at everything they did. Their game, their energy, their resistance were better. I haven’t said it often about us, it’s our responsibility to all. It’s up to me to make sure they’re ready and it’s up to them to be ready. Tonight, we weren’t. »

Doc Rivers’ program, to prepare for Thursday’s playoff match? ” I want to watch the tape or burn it, I’m not sure which of the two. I’ll probably watch it because I have to, and then I’ll burn it. »


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