Close to shooting in New York, Nets in shock

NBA Les Nets sous le choc après la fusillade

In full preparation for the Play-In game against the Cavaliers, the Nets experienced very closely the armed robbery that took place in a subway station in Brooklyn. This indeed took place not far from their facilities… unsurprisingly, everyone was in shock on the spot.

There are times when sports take an immediate back seat, and that’s precisely what happened in New York today. Around noon local time, a shooting broke out on a subway train in the Brooklyn neighborhood. The images are not shown here because they could shock a sensitive public, and the police quickly landed en masse on the spot. NBC New York notably issued the first known information:

At least a dozen people were shot on Tuesday in the Brooklyn subway by a man in an orange construction jacket, possibly wearing a gas mask, who threw a smoke bomb on the platform to distract the crowd outside. rush hour, according to the FDNY and senior law enforcement officials. They emphasize that the investigation is preliminary.

Multiple injured in Brooklyn subway after shooting

No deaths to deplore so far, but the authorities later spoke of about fifteen injured, several of whom were in serious condition. A terrible drama that touches the BKN community in the heart, as well as the Nets franchise. Indeed, as journalist Nick Friedell reminds us, their infrastructure is near the crime scene. Present on the spot, he recounted the atmosphere among the Blacks and Whites, in shock following the announcement as they prepare to play the first match of the Play-In:

A dark scene at the Nets facilities. Staff members watch coverage of the subway shot on TVs just off the floor. Helicopters fly around the area as cellphones ring to warn of what is happening outside. The metro station is about 800 meters from the Nets facilities.

One can only imagine the distress of Kevin Durant & co., who are sure to give their all tonight to defeat the Cavaliers, to pay tribute to those affected by the incident. Steve Nash’s men remain on a good run to conclude the regular season, but still have to get out of the Play-In to go to the playoffs. This would be done by beating Cleveland, Boston then becoming their opponent in the first round.

Winning in such a context would be a great performance for the Nets, basketball seems very anecdotal compared to this shootout. It could, however, bring some comfort to the families of the victims…


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