Celtics lead 2-0 against Nets, flawless start to Boston streak

Celtics lead 2-0 against Nets, flawless start to Boston streak

For this second match of this series of the first round of the Playoffs between the Celtics and the Nets, we were once again treated to a marvelous match… of Playoffs, but clearly in a different register than Game 1, of which we told you the story. story here, there, here or there. After the offensive orgy of the day before the day before, we move on to the establishment of a spring lock, to the so important step-up of the lieutenants, and to this little game Boston hit very hard last night.

The house stats of this Game 2 under tension are right here!

The breath of the TD Garden was heard last night even in our living room. Maybe that’s why Caramel and Guyzmo, my two male cats, were so excited, but in any case we could clearly smell the smell of the Playoffs, right from the start of the match. Kyrie Irving booed as expected, Marcus Smart who receives his Defender of the Year trophy from the hands of Gary Payton and in front of his audience, in HIS house, a perfect aperitif for a Game 2 which promised mountains and wonders in terms of basket ball.

This game? Let’s go. A start dominated by the franchise player of the Nets, the irremovable… Bruce Brown, author of the first nine points of his team, the first nine points of the match in general. Bruce Brown 9, Celtics 0, a Playoffs match is sometimes played on details and attention the Greens because the contribution of this devil of Bruce Marron is perhaps one of them. Compulsory reaction for the locals, quickly if possible, and if the leaders are struggling to have an impact, it is first of all the entry of Grat Williams who puts Ime Udoka’s squad back in the game. Daniel Theis and Al Horford are solid below, the cubic Williams slams a dozen pawns at 100%, but opposite KD has apparently learned from his Game 1 and is attacking his match in a very serious way. Kyrie Irving? Whistled at each ball touched, that’s the PEGI 18 version, and obviously authorized at the end of the first quarter to join the locker room to… break his fastbecause we remember that everything Kyrie is doing right now, Kyrie is doing it in the middle of Ramadan, what a man for sure.

The gap is in any case real in favor of the Nets after a quarter, and Boston is now awaiting the awakening of the All-Stars house. Spoiler, this awakening will take a long time to arrive because it is in fact, rather, a band of lieutenants who will then allow the C’s to stay in the game. Make way for Grunts Theis and Horford in the racket, incredibly useful this nightbut before half-time the work of the shadow of these soldiers is thrown into the shadows by that of other soldiers, decidedly. Same shit for the Nets with struggling leaders, same solutions since the X factors have mail for us. Seth Curry who eyes everyone with each basket returned and, above all, the incredible second quarter of Goran Dragic, author of fifteen points over the period and elusive at the best of times like Basile Boli in May 93. Enough to make us reach the pee break with still this gap of about ten points, and in Boston we are still waiting for the awakening of the house All-Stars, in particular a Jayson Tatum who will have finally waited more than an hour before leaving. register his first basket in the game.

Back from the locker room and a useful run – you surprise me – from the Celtics, Al Horford and Daniel Theis continue their work and the Brown / Tatum duo finally get in a few shots. The gap drops below five points and again promises us a badass end to the game, yay yeah, and the role players continue to hold the headline throughout the third quarter, because such an important game is also wins with these small hands. Any news from Kevin Durant otherwise? Not on his plate the bugger, even worse than during Game 1, KD who will not return… not a SINGLE shot of the whole second halfas rare as it is completely improbable, as unforgivable as it is creepy in view of the 54 pawns he will logically put in two days in Brooklyn.

Ding dong, money time approaching, the hour of the big ones. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are asked at the reception on the Nets side, Jayson Tatum is asked to stop looking in a mirror for the C’s, and it is therefore obviously… Jaylen Brown who sounds the revolt of the Greens of basketball, because we recall that the Greens of football will go down to Ligue 2. Seth Curry scores the first two points of the last recovery but Jaylen and surprise guest… Payton Pritchard score next 14 to put Boston ahead and blast TD Garden. KD would miss an elephant in a bathroom, Kyrie Irving doesn’t really seem concerned about any of this, the momentum is dark green and the hustle of the green army defenders are in charge of electrifying the whole thing a little more. The wind seems to have turned, no, the wind has turnedand it therefore turned in favor of the players of Massachusetts, smarter, fiercer in defense, and carried by a hot public boiling in the money time.

The Celtics win 114-107 after a long hesitant but finally mastered game like a boss. 2-0 and we go to Brooklyn for two games, with an expected and obligatory wake-up call for Steve Nash’s players. What should be remembered above all from these first two games? It is that no matter the level of the Nets, it is that of the Celtics that impresses, the Cetlics who sent a hell of a message on this start of the series, which may not have revealed all its secrets but which leaves all the same on a very… green trend.


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