because at 10 against 2 life is good, because defending is good too

Grizzlies 24 mars 2022

The Memphis Grizzlies therefore present this morning a record of five wins and two losses… without Ja Morant, and the idea here is absolutely not to throw any cold air on the valuable side or the name of the franchise player of the Oursons but rather to point to the collective strength of this team, the perfect adaptations of their coach Taylor Jenkins who, by the way, really looks like a real bear. These Grizzlies never cease to amaze, and this very night a huge duo Kevin Durant / Kyrie Irving could not resist.

The house stats of the new Grizzlies team demo are right here

We are there, the bar of 50 victories is exceeded and there is absolutely nothing to complain about. Only the fifth time in the history of the Tennessee franchise that the 50 wins have been reached (2004 and the Grit and Grind years in 2013, 2014 and 2015), a young franchise but a number that also shows that this group is special, and this night it is once again the following list of qualities that was put forward: tenacity, defense, collective, hustle, smiles, hashtag the group lives well. Last night and faced with a Brooklyn team cheered up by the announcement a few hours earlier of the upcoming authorization for Kyrie Irving to play home games, more than one individual in particular it is the team effort who will have won, this delicious feeling for a coach to know that an incoming rotation can make a difference, that the substitutes are not there to blow the holders. Individual satisfactions there have obviously been, we do not say the opposite. The defense of Jaren Jackson Jr., Dillon Brooks or Kyle Anderson, Tyus Jones’ home belay with a double-double which reminds us that he remains one of the most undervalued substitutes in the League at post 1, a phenomenal first half from De’Anthony Melton, invaluable input from Brandon Clarke, too, and extreme clutchitude from Desmond Bane with three huge shots from the parking lot in the last quarter, successes which also offer DB the franchise record for the number of 3-point shots returned in a season, a record previously held by Mike Miller.

And it will have taken all that, because opposite the Nets had once again activated the two-headed monster mode. We are obviously not talking about Patty Wish and Came Tomasse but about these two maboules of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, authors once again of an incredible match and a paso doble to 78 points (43 for Kyrie and 35 for KD). Elusive duo, elusive for three and a half quarters of the game before the noose tightened at the end of the game and the local envy of the Grizzlies ended up having the upper hand on a few final shots. Which had the effect of validating the gap and confirming it definitively because while the two zinzins from Brooklyn saw the Memphis defense raise their voices in the home straight, on the other side Brandon Clarke feasted underneath and Desmond Bane pounded from afar, both pleased to see they were seemingly absent from Steve Nash’s defensive playbook, and if the third quarter was an opportunity for Kev’ and Ky to warm up the calculator, the last was finally the perfect conclusion to an evening with friends, the kind of evening in which you count the marshmallows around the fire so that everyone everyone has exactly the same number.

This Memphis team is beautiful, the return of Dillon Brooks reminds us that we have to think before shooting but above all add a little more density to the roster and, something quite practical, it plays basketball on both sides of the field. Beware the Nets because scoring 120 points will not always be synonymous with victory, and tonight in any case the talent / desire / defense combo will have prevailed over the talent / talent / talent combo.


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